Spring 2015


A place to be within—where we go to be other, to be against. Fraught moments, places of fear and striking out: territories, borders, streets, bodies. The barbed line we cross to do harm (or to seek compassion). What we call war, protection, or defense; what we call hatred or expediency. The place that we try to forget, to drown out. The place we struggle to remember, or for which we demand remembrance.

Image from Wikimedia commons via “World War II from the Air,” The Public Domain Review.

Dida Kutz * Nguyen Louie * Bo Luengsuraswat
* Joshua Aiken * Cornelia Barber * Tom Beckett * Valentina Cano * Jack Crimmins * William Doreski * Dion Farquhar * Howie Good * Seth Jani * Ron Lavalette * Joan McNerney * Kenneth Pobo *
Jai Arun Ravine
* J. Zimmerman
David G. Tilley * Marianne Villanueva * M. Leland Oroquieta * Leny Mendoza Strobel


poetry + art + media + prose