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Documentary poetry, dreams, and mutineers

Working on a couple of documentary poetry manuscripts. One is on dreams and their interfacing with “real” life; the other is on the Flowery Land Mutiny of 1864 and texts relating to so-called Manilla Men, ship workers, and slaves in the galleon trade and global trade generally.

Deed of the Manila Men

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Functional Redesign

Yay — Denise of Quanta Webdesign and creator of Empty Mirror arts & literary journal is now working behind the scenes, revamping to make it more functional. End of August or early September, I’ll put out another call for submissions.

Speaking of design, this little beauty, below — Bombacaceae — is from Co’s Digital Flora of the Philippines. The website is a continuation of botanist, taxonomist, and ethnopharmacologist Leonard Co’s work by his friends and admirers after he was killed in an alleged crossfire in the Philippines:


The Remarkable Reinvention of Very Short Fiction

I post the URL to Robert Shapard’s essay on micro fictions as a way of announcing that, besides poems and visual art, I will now be accepting only flash or short-short fiction (rather than longer short fiction). My initial intention was to focus on poetry and art in Local Nomad; however, I’m also interested in fiction forms that verge on or merge with the poetic. One way to do this is to encourage shorter forms of experimental fiction. See Robert Shapard’s “The Remarkable Reinvention of Very Short Fiction” in World Literature Today.


Open for Submissions: Spring 2015 Issue, Local Nomad

The upcoming theme for the Spring 2015 issue is:

The Face_photo by JVengua

Killing Ground

A place to be within—where we go to be other, to be against. Fraught moments, places of fear and striking out: territories, borders, streets. The line we cross to do harm (and sometimes, to seek compassion). What we call war, protection, or defense; what we call hatred or expediency. This is the place we try to forget, to drown out. It’s also the place we struggle to remember—or for which we demand remembrance.

Deadline February 15, 2015. Click on LN Info & Submissions for details