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Call for Ekphrastic Writing


Filipino American Artist Directory is sponsoring an ongoing project and Call for Poems & Other Writings inspired by the Directory’s artists.  Ekphrasis relates to “the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on” artworks so as “to amplify and expand its meaning” (see Poetry Foundation).

To participate and submit, writers are asked to write on any artwork by the artists in the Filipino American Artist Directory—you may choose images on our website, or on the individual artists’ websites. We are open to poems, flash fiction, and other creative writings.

You don’t have to be Filipino to submit work for this project.

This feature will be edited by Eileen R. Tabios who has written numerous ekphrasis poems, art-inspired fiction, as well as art criticism.  Send your writings, with reference to the artwork, as well as a bio to Eileen through

In addition to publication, participating poets and writers will receive one of Eileen R. Tabios’ ekphrasis poetry collections: either Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole which reflects abstract expressionist art or SUN STIGMATA which reflects sculpture.

Monterey Bay Area Bloggers: Athena Plichta

I’ve been blogging since about 2001. Lately, I’ve been a little disgusted with Facebook and other social networking sites, and starting to appreciate, once again, the more flexible, personal, and (potentially) less distracting medium of blogging; you can make your blog as calm or as noisy as you want.

After checking out Chris Parson’s blog, I started wondering about all the other local bloggers around here. I know of a few, and have even met a few. But I know there are more. So I think I’ll do a little series here on local bloggers. And since I’m a research geek, I’ll see what more I can find of interest in the local blogging scene.

I met Athena Plichta last year, and had a chance to taste some of the food she photographs — yum. But take a look yourself at her “journal of kitchen adventures and life in california” HERE.

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Art Supplies, Ink

For all you local artists, there’s a new art supply store in the area, and it’s a good one. Art Supplies, Ink, is run by Rich Koslowski, a comic book artist and author, whose work has appeared in Archie and Marvel. He’s also author of the Ignatz award winning graphic novel, Three Fingers. The store has only been open for a few weeks, and is still stocking — but there’s a nice selection of canvasses, paints, brushes, easels, inks, pens, pencils, and art books — in short, just about everything you need. I was happy to see that they carry a supply of brown, rough sketch paper – my favorite to use with pen and ink.

The store is also offering art classes: oil painting classes by local painter/teacher Noah Gould; “The Nuts and Bolts of Drawing Cartoons,” taught by Jon “Bean” Hastings, and “Collage Landscapes” taught by Donna Thompson, M.A. Koslowski says he would be happy to hear of any suggestions for other classes.

So check it out. Art Supplies, Ink is located at 7960 Soquel Drive, Suite H1, in Aptos Village Square. 831-708-2855.

Rich Koslowski’s website is HERE.

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Closings, Openings

What was once the Alternative Cafe is now “open space,” possibly to be transformed into a classroom for Open Grounds Studios.

After the demise of Borders in Seaside and the ‘Ol Factory Cafe in Sand City, and then the hopeful rise of The Independent Marketplace; it somehow seems a bit disheartening to read in the Monterey County Weekly that the Independent is closing — even if they are in the midst of construction at a new venue. But I’ll try to remain optimistic.

Denese Sanders preparing her presentation for Open Ground Studios

Another hopeful note: The space in Seaside previously occupied by the Alternative Cafe (which closed and moved to the Golden State Theater, Monterey) may open again as a cooperative arts studio called Open Ground Studios, managed by Denese Sanders. The studio will incorporate gallery space, a book printer and bindery, arts press, and classroom spaces. In fact, they’re looking for members and supporters right NOW, and need members ASAP. Check out the Facebook page link above. Stop by the studio at 1230 Fremont Blvd. in Seaside and take a look around. It’s a lot bigger now that the Alt. Cafe has moved out. I’ll post some photos of the “new” (but still-to-be-renovated) space this evening…

A room for the printing press. Other rooms (not pictured here) will be used as gallery space or offices.

Painting: Eucalyptus and Oaks

A new painting, just uploaded, but not yet up on my Etsy page:

Acrylics on wood panel (small).

There are a number of old oak trees on my property, and a stand of eucalyptus. The eucalyptus were planted in stands all around central, coastal California during the early 20th century, when Californians thought that they could make some profit from planting them. Alas, it was not so; the imported species just grow taller every year, and no other plants seem to survive well near them — except the oaks.

I’m in the process of finishing, labeling, and re-photographing my paintings for a better presentation on my venues, Etsy and BlueCanvas.

Fields of Migration: A Story Sharing Workshop

Photo from “Dreams Interrupted,” Purple Moon Dance Project (Hyphen Magazine)

Just returned from a workshop in San Jose’s Japantown, entitled “Fields of Migration: A Story Sharing Workshop,” which builds upon “When Dreams Are Interrupted,” a site specific multidisciplinary performance that examines the disruption of community with the forced upheaval and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, produced by Purple Moon Dance Project. Stories of local Japanese history were woven with stories of Filipino Americans, making for some very interesting and moving cross-cultural sharing. I found the autobiographical dance performance, “Lola Channing,” by Susan Almazol (also a sculptor) inspiring.

Elkhorn Slough Calendar Competition

Less than 4 weeks left for your to submit your photos for the Elkhorn Slough calendar photo contest!

Photos tell a story words can’t express, from the peace of a sunset to the surprise in spotting a deer grazing in the tall Harding grass. With so many opportunities to photograph the beauty of Elkhorn Slough–native plants, playful seals and otters, majestic birds and more–we’re sure you have one or two photos you’ve been thinking of sending in. And now is the perfect time!

Send in your photos of the Elkhorn Slough watershed for a chance to be featured in our 2013 calendar, win a personal photography tour of ESF’s protected lands and share your personal view of Elkhorn with fellow slough fans from around the world! The deadline is October 1st, so send them in today!

For details, Click HERE.