e·ratio #postmodern #poetry journal 25

E-Ratio Postmodern Poetry Journal 25 (2018) is now available.

Featuring new work by Kelvin Corcoran & Alan Halsey, Emma Roper-Evans, Kathryn Hummel, Coleman Stevenson, Maria Sledmere, Sheila E. Murphy, Mark Harris, David Rushmer, Irene Koronas, Caroline Reid, George J. Farrah, Stephen Nelson, David Welch, Timothy Collins, Travis Cebula, Jim McCrary, Thomas Fucaloro and Ian Gibbins

and with excerpts from the i-series by Kjirsten Severson

and 12 x 12 Young and Younger American Poetics Posters by Joseph F. Keppler

e·ratio is edited by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino with contributing editors Joseph F. Keppler, Jacqueline Winter Thomas and Coleman Stevenson

e·ratio is now reading submissions for issue #26!


Even More Hay(na)ku! Call for Submissions


This is a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the anthology, with a working title of HAY(NA)KU 15!

Deadline: February 28, 2018

Editor/Curator: Eileen R. Tabios

Introduction by: Abraham Ignacio

Publisher: Meritage Press

Submission of Hay(na)ku Poems

—1 to 3 poems

—Poems can be the basic hay(na)ku tercet or any of the hay(na)ku variations. (If it’s an esoteric variation or one of your inventions, feel free to include a Note on Form.)

—Visual poetry is eligible if the work can be reprinted in a 6 x 9 book in black-and-white

—Collaborative submissions are also eligible
—Non-English poems are eligible if they come with English translations

—Open to all poets (you need not be Filipino)

—Submissions can be previously-published as long as the author carries rights to allow its republication. If previously-published, send with acknowledgments

—Not eligible: hay(na)ku previously published in the first three hay(na)ku anthologies as we would like to anthologize different (and new) work

—Send submissions to Eileen Tabios at meritagepress@gmail.com

Special Invitation for Students

We love having students participate in hay(na)ku projects. For example, The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Vol. II featured student hay(na)ku from a poetry class taught by Elizabeth Robinson at the University of Colorado, Boulder. If you are a teacher (all levels) or workshop instructor and would like to have students focus on hay(na)ku, with possible publication in HAY(NA)KU 15, please contact the editor!

For more info about hay(na)ku, go to Eileen Verbs Books.

Submissions and Contact Info: meritagepress@gmail.com

The Falutinism Issue

The previous issue of Local Nomad dealt with “Truth or Consequences.” We will next address another weighty subject, Falutinism (both High and Low), in our upcoming all-art issue (well, mostly all art; we will also accept reviews, and a limited number of poems that address specific works of Falutinist art). The Call for Submissions has not been posted yet, but I offer a pdf (click on link, then click on image to enlarge) of M. A. Fink’s essay “An Historical Summary of Falutinism” as a preview and excellent overview of this challenging, conflicted, yet undoubtedly important art movement.

Galatea Resurrects 2017 (A Poetry Engagement)

The latest issue of Galatea Resurrects August 2017 is now live, and I’m honored to be the featured poet!  But do check out all the other wonderful poets engaged with in this issue: http://galatearesurrects2017.blogspot.com/

Galatea Resurrects is accepting engagements with poetry projects such as reviews, book introductions (or forewords prefaces or afterwords) not currently online, coverage of poetry events, and other engagements in any form (e.g. letters, poems, art, etc. in response to poetry).

You can review any poetry project. Book and chapbook review copies are available HERE. Reviews are not limited to recent releases as we believe Poetry is eternal. You can even review some beloved book that’s long stayed on one of your bookshelves!

Email for queries and sending reviews: galateaten at gmail dot com

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