Tyler Sherwood Pruett


impales her leg in hard pan dirt – Mud forms new chromosomes
that reattach to her bosom – Dust mixes with rain in backseats of
cerebral powder – This was on my mind, Elektra – Along with the
sustenance tubes where you consume moon queen froth drained of
Elektra seals the execution order with hot blue wax she spits
from her mouth – Her front teeth embossing the SEAL OF
BA upon the envelope – Poison tastes sweet – She hovers above
the starving subjects who die drinking Drano out of desperation.
Elektra innocently spins gold silk on her wooden wheel – The
Lightening Gangster Land generals empty the gulags and
deploy war criminals into service on the front – KGB stewardess
hangs from a noose emitted from an overhead compartment –
Intelligence craft brings on deathly schisms – Freaked by GURU
DEV in his trance induced by the ingestion of Amanita muscaria.
Compartment spins softly in turbulence – Pilot initiates
black magic ceremony in the cockpit by sacrificing a rooster on the
communist hibachi – These kinds of craft were seized by chosen
gangsters to make a shotgun run to Aurora Borealis – The Cretin
sacral blue tips off Saturnian police Stormtroopers.
Cretin atoms scatter into allied regions cached by SYNTH
CRYSTAL NATION – Felonious disposition of Cretin brightens
puce translucence – Cretin crassly – Cretin chum – Cretins gasping –
In safe harbor Slum-de-lum.
Bobby the Knife Radio Show – Little Cretin Joe kills
LORDY RUE out on the range – Cretin Shementine harvests
contraband experts through aerospace chain reactions – The
CLEAN-PORT – The WATER-VILLE – Thus pulverized into
nonexistence by miniscule straggler pieces – Subject to
interrogation before urns of unexplored space.
SEIGE OF THE FORKS: Police chief forces Stormtroopers
to ingest an opioid suspension syrup to make them invincible in
battle – Summoning complaints from the GANGSTER/CRETIN
war tribunal.
A rusting band must decry, “We need the truth, and we need it now?”
“Why do we hear and see things that aren’t real?”
These questions cannot be answered with FACT because
FACTS don’t rightly exist – Sheer algae climbs the black dam
walls to fill stress cracks Grand master Jimmy-Light.
HEADLINE: Drugged Cretins Torch Dam Pond
Mezzanine – Yesterday the coercion mobsters mopped purple
spheres into catechism – Worst case scenario we breach the dam
downstream – Flood the towns.
Elektra’s noose connected to overhead compartments forms
Cretins carry KGB figurehead to jack – Behead him on an
anvil and take a video broadcast by all fourteen satellites in Earth
orbit – Cretins cast CIA man from aeroplane free falling down to
MONSTER HALL – Shiver blessing of the holy mother soothes
atop golden soup dust – You and the children are safe – Abandon
Shotgun Rodger – Abandon Shotgun Jane.
warm jello soup on the tarmac cull – Cretins torch the runway –
CIA guy sets autodestruct – Cretins catch aflame and go rolling to
the grass – The family pictures in his wallet.
The investigation ceases – Two dead – Three million with
incurable hangnails – Entering the skull – Exiting through the ears –
Green berets saunter across catwalk.
“Those grates on the catwalk aren’t even bolted on,” says
Colin, “they just lay ‘em down and hope for the best.”
Brain slowly squeezes out through eyes in a repetitious
fashion – Gangsters stealthily make their way to massage the
cortex – Cretin Shem begins to breathe again – Each breached dam
could wipe out more than five thousand nuclear tenants.
THE WOLVENBANE – Nasty Cretin Dwarf K eats everyone’s
rations in the middle of the night – They bury her alive for it –
Undertakers wail on a Pict in the graveyard slum, transforming
abalone curd into armed thermonuclear rounds for the NUCLEAR
SHOTGUN as it leans against a wall in the corner of the cabin.
Vogel slumps onto park bench – Clears the crystal in an
odd manner with air from his nose – CRETIN DNA MONSTERS
surround and begin to consume Vogel alive – He prays to Jesus or
god but they probably aren’t listening.
Traitor Danny Mingo splashes a cup of the dirtiest water in
the universe upon nasty Cretin Dwarf K – Ease your worried mind –
Holy mother listens to everything you say – Diamond eye grace –
Forty-four rounds ricochet and rumble through the green gorge
where a quadrillion Cretin Shems take their aim.
Jimmy gets hopped up at the Airport Drug Bar and rushes
the American meth lab brandishing his ivory claws – Airport
security officers cut off their own hands and bleed out at GATE
DOOM – Vicars of Jimmy Panda watch them die – Cartoons
crumple up myriad links – Jimmy gets away with a chunk of meth
the size of a cat.
Whet light inches down Slum-de-lum Boulevard in a fiery
search for BA’s clandestine screams – Unfortunate KGB guy gets
his body diced by Cretin Shem – Yet his KGB uniform holds all of
the pieces together until the AIRPORT SURGEONS stitch him up.
Shem subverts system and kills himself to create a negative
casualty for the other side he belongs to – Shementine subverts the
institution by unlearning how to unspeak, causing mayhem for the
other side she is on – Together Shem and Shementine form two
halves of perfect violence – Each downplays the role of the other –
Destruction masses pureed into chaff.
Paint an enso with blood of your victims – Yellow pink lavender
on rose (Rothko) – Paint an iridium belly button with dripping gold
Aeroport orderlies rush Jimmy to TOPOS region – Shem
reaches into Shementine’s mouth with his hand in through nasal
cavity to massage the brain – Cretins scream through eyes –
Shementine’s heart beats again.
Much similar to heart massage or brain paint on
gallivanting Lucifer sky.
“Where do we come from?”
“We come from nowhere.”
“Aren’t we individuals with desires and rights?”
“No, we are all exactly the same thing.”
“Where did the world come from?”
“There is no such thing as the world …”
“… it is an illusion.”