Thomas Osatchoff


A turnip is a large round pale yellow vegetable
that looks like a continent growing from the ground.
This is what our high-speed trains will be like.
This planet is a high-speed train through space.
When Australia crashes into the United States
we will be in Hong Kong eating egg mooncake.
The other side of our mooncakes are the same.

The other side of the zoom was all that he could see
like how experts can change their minds but until
they do they can’t. Why? Fear of chaos: the till shaped
like a wall? Hyperlooping simultaneous optimism
and dread for the inverse of it like Halloween
and the day after. The sun will come out tomorrow
retreats: Arctic ice and corporate culture. Always
missing signs until it’s politically favorable to notice
how our torsos have long since become pyramids
and our heads: cameras staring blankly like cameras.
Our heads: more like llamas spitting instead of clicking.
Llamas spitting and if you’re fit and with it you’ll know
how a monkey and a rabbit and a cat did it, too.
The song of humans writing their last letter.
For the final history of lies agreed upon.

Dear Poetry, I thought you knew but you didn’t
so I enclosed something else to try to find the true.

Soup. Because

we are fuzzzzzy hyperlinks slurping soup.

Soup like the sea does not need to be muzzled because
it speaks in waves, tasting itself.

Dear Seacago Review,

As to the question of what came first—
the moon or the cake? The answer is
the mooncake came first and the mooncake came last.

Please find enclosed something new.

Thank you.