Sultana Raza

Stealing Shades


Zesty orange, spunky yellow.
You won’t believe what we wore in the old days.
Green with envy, they stole them away.
But cleverly, indirectly.
More like soullessly. Systematically.
So thoroughly that we didn’t even have
A scrap of blue left to express the mood we were in.

Yes, we glowed with vibrant health for all those millennia.
But how were we to know it would all be over so suddenly?
Where did our colors go to?
We lit up the depths of their collective unconscious.
Do they prefer it to be drab, neutral, or colorless anyway?

Our fluorescence didn’t disturb anyone.
We even nurtured countless species.
More than they could have ever known.
Or cared about, for that matter.
Just their own trivial needs.

Could Zooxanthellae have helped reduce
The effects of over-indulgence?
Would we have thrived then?
The rest of us didn’t count.
Didn’t have the right to exist.
If we weren’t useful to them, we didn’t matter.

But they think they’re the most intelligent of all.
Yet, it’s balance that keeps the world turning.
And symbiosis.
Yet they think domination, absorption, and
Ejection of used up materials
Is the best way of tolerating all other forms of life.
If nature hadn’t over-written it,
Would they even be consuming each other?
Where do they draw the line?
Can anyone draw any lines in the tides of time?

For they have kicked off the desperate struggle
For existence for all of us.
Yet we have to bear it all in silence,
Whether they ever come to understand
True symbiosis or not.
We may never get our hues back,
But will they ever be able to
Paint their poor selves rich with them?