Rupert Loydell


1. Uniforms for the Dedicated

Impractical clothing that looks fantastic,
available on many different sizes and shapes.

It’s exactly what it sounds like:
life that just makes you shake your head.


2. Stairs to Nowhere

Learn how to step
inside a labyrinth of chambers.

The signposts have all been repainted;
everywhere leads to somewhere nice.

This world is home to dry thunder
and streets covered in impassable layers of ice.


3. Corporate Relocation Specialists

The inspector was a rather intimidating guy
with a badge that hung around his neck.

He asked questions with a big stone heart,
preparing for a surge of content.

She was so surprised she forgot to tell him
she couldn’t possibly go.


4. Real Time Storm Coverage

Forget fake rock overhangs, I like taking photos
in abandoned houses and forests.

I opened my eyes to memory
and saw the horizon approaching:

visual drift, assisted collapse,
near but far away.



Behind the thinking, unknown thoughts,
juxtapositions and other meanings.
Ideas take flight and turn into birds,
the clock leaks time and everything
is fluid, wide open to interpretation.

Surrealism is not your friend, it wants
to seduce you into neural dancing,
wants you to believe that what is
secret and hidden is better than
understanding the world around us.

Behind the thinking, unknown thoughts
jostle and argue for attention. We make
up fantastic stories, attribute importance
to what was previously ignored, place
random thoughts in disorganized rows.

Surrealism is not your friend, it wants
to draw lines between unconnected dots,
wants to delve deeper into the sublime,
wants you to come out and play. Overhead,
a man in a hat floats towards the clouds.

“The stars are washing towards us.”



His step ladder on the pavement,
only just abandoned.

I sensed that he had
only just vanished,

the doorway into the sky
only just closed.