Mark Young


In dim light the
ubiquitous cameras
might be mistaken for
pendants or sacred
rattles by those who
are nearly blind. But
this is daylight, & the

absence of ceremonial
ornament is obvious.
Still he dances for them,
explains the symbolism
of each step, then listens
as the subtleties are washed
away by the tourguide’s

translation. Occasionally
he invents outrageous
lies, describing a passage
as being passed down
from dragons or some
visitors from outer space.
The tourguide still runs

with yesterday’s routine.
At night he dances for
himself alone. & for his
ancestors. Trying to re-
call the gods who left
the day after the first
tourbus arrived.



A traveler by sea sees

that it’s almost impossible
to have a hit show that
isn’t a police procedural.
Traumatic experiences
set off a reaction. The high
levels of energy subside.

What happens when the
stressors do not go away?
So completely out of the
ordinary roads. A water lily
in his dream might mean
that his ship may drown.

The two, however, are not
synonymous. A morpheme
is the smallest meaningful
unit of a language to end in
a transcendental encounter
with an old organ grinder.



A line from Henry Ford

Focus attention on the
illegal gun. Know how to
ride a bike. War is a risky
get-rich-quick scheme if

you’re afraid of the stock
market. The French terror
maniacs met often with
poetry, had an infinite

capacity for some modern
Mexican poets, particularly
a wild-eyed Latina whose
exposé of the links between

Kentucky coal mines & organ-
ized crime explains why rich
people have such chicken-
shit long term memory.