J. Zimmerman

Day of Lazarus (December 17th)

After she says you can’t tell people or they try to stop you, she tells me that she’s ready to die. My parents each tried to talk to their own grandparents and their parents out of such thoughts. Meanwhile I promise to help her, at least with some simplification. I return DVDs to her friends, give a thousand books to the town library, and daily make use of one more paper or plastic bag from her inventory.

beside the garage
as if I were someone else
in the winter rain
I fill a garbage can
with broken flower pots

. . .

The Giant Troll

Dawn and dusk his huge fingers
load tasks onto the children.
Carts jolt and rattle toward
distant mountains. Things
come together simply
by speaking. The land
saves everything said
upon it. In the end
it will break his hands.