Howie Good

Still Life With Firearms

Tucked away
in a monastery
in the Northeast Kingdom,
a monk sat
in the lotus position
for 200 years,

how many ways
there are
to kill a man.

“Shoot me in the chest!”
Mussolini demanded,
and the firing squad did
before he could take it back.

There are
276 million guns
in America.

A full clip holds
30 bullets.

Do the math.

The blood
shows up
as black
in the black-
news photos.

They say if you meet your double,
you should kill him. I could
lie by the side of the road
for hours bleeding to death
without anyone knowing.

. . .

Cow and the Moon

As if huffing glue with Hasselhoff
you begin to leave your skin

and suddenly alone in a quiet nowhere
catapult up and over the moon

considered to be the ultimate act
more than just suicide