Local Nomad: Winter 2016

Last night I dreamt (no kidding) that I had entered a contest to design surreal luggage for poets. I remember that the luggage I created was made of leather, included a special compartment to hold a manuscript, and another to hold a Philippine kris (dagger with a distinctive wavy blade). Every writer needs a dagger, right?

In any case, Local Nomad Winter 2016 is now live! Thanks to all the writers for all of your contributions to the “Dream” issue. Contributors include: Mark Young, Mary Alinney Villacastin, Kristine Steddum, Scott T. Starbuck, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Jessica Purdy, Thomas Pescatore, Philip Byron Oakes, Felicia Mitchell, Megan Merchant, James Maughn, M.A. Fink, Rupert Loydell, Dylan Krieger, Jessie Janeshek, Marj Hahne, Robert Gross, Jane Frank, Colin Dodds, Caroline DeLuca, Peter Burzynski, Pamela Arlov, Emily Linstrom, Clive Collins, Thomas Clark, Jean Vengua, Robert Gross.

Special thanks to M.A. Fink, co-editor of this issue.