Sidereality, As/Is

In a nostalgic mood for the days when the Internet was fresh, blogging was new, and our words and relationships were not eaten up by the social networking monsters. An online journal called Sidereality was a major inspiration for Local Nomad. Sidereality was created and edited by Clayton A. Couch, and it published experimental and speculative poetry and short fiction. Bits and pieces of Sidereality are still floating around, but not much. Here’s a poem from Nick Piombino in Vol. 2, Issue 4: Translation Sans Original

The poetry blog, As/Is, was great fun—and it still exists, although it looks like it’s being used primarily by the poet Adam Fieled. Founded by Andrew Lundwall and Clayton A. Couch, it was a place were poets could experiment and riff off each other’s work. Here are some As/Is poems from 2004. Some of the poets in those pages, Mark Young, Sheila Murphy, Tom Beckett, and Eileen Tabios, have been published in Local Nomad. I have a great appreciation for the poets that I met online in those days, who kept me fired up about writing poetry–a fire that still burns.