Jill Magi’s Textile Poetics & Dreams

Jill Magi’s series of blog posts in Jacket 2 (Spring 2015) explores textile poetics. A rough model for, or kin to, a dream poetics? In the sense that one creative process can inform-weave into another. Dream as both a biological and imaginative process that can weave into language/poems and raise questions about the practice of writing poems. I’m not referring to surrealism, necessarily, but to a poetics that delves into and questions “reality” and the line between waking and dreaming. Seven to eight hours of sleep per night (if we’re lucky); in adults, roughly 25% of that is spent in REM/dreaming–out of necessity. Since we spend so much of our modern lives dreaming, why is it assumed by some to be simply epiphenomena, the product of sleep, or a symptom of life; why doesn’t it assume more social importance? Well, in other places, other worlds, it does.

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