Give #ello some love

I’m on Ello, and have been since 2014. Despite the fact it’s still in beta (with a few occasional glitches), despite the fact that most of my Facebook friends are not on it, and despite the “learning curve” (not much), I still love Ello. I love its simple, clean design; love that I don’t feel targeted and tracked by ads; love that mostly writers, artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, and weirdos populate its pages, and I get to see lots of edgy and unusual art, writing, and ideas; love that no one is forced to use their real name. Some folks complain that they are not immediately surrounded by “friends”; you have to work to get followers. That may be because Ello doesn’t track the hell out of you, seeking out all your friends, family, and acquaintances, then sell your data to advertisers. In any case, you are now free to join Ello’s expanding community groups (only if you want to), and possibly form your own. I have never gone online to praise a social networking group in the 15+ years that I’ve been online (I learned html by blogging on Geocities) — until I encountered Ello.