Uche Nduka


Has surrealism lost its flame? “The Flame in the Grate” an article about the poet Uche Nduka, contemplates that question.


BEAUTY WILL BE CONVULSIVE or it will not be at all,” André Breton thunders at the conclusion of his 1928 Surrealist novel Nadja. But nearly one hundred years later, how potent is the Surrealism Breton championed? Can juxtaposition, surprise, enigma, antithesis, and nonconformity still form a convulsing engine that emits the pulse of force we call beauty? Or does contemporary Surrealism fail to convulse? Does it exist at all?

It does. The work of Brooklyn-based writer and artist Uche Nduka confirms the persistence of Surrealism in its classic, convulsive mode… Read more HERE.

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