Galatea Resurrects #23

The latest issue of Galatea Resurrects, #23, is now up. If you’re not familiar with this online book review site, let me just say that it’s unusual, quirky, even. The essays on this site are usually either “reviews” or “engagements” with works of poetry by poets. But you can expect approaches to reading that you might not encounter in your run-of-the-mill literary journal. Reviewers can review books in their own collection, or pick books that are available in the editor’s (Eileen Tabios) seemingly endless collection, which are mailed to them; therefore the choice of books is often unexpected. Take for example, Allen Bramhall’s review of Home Among the Swinging Stars: Collected Poems of Jaime de Angulo. Many years ago, when I first began reading poetry, I picked up a copy of one of Angulo’s books in a library, and became fascinated with this brilliant and “crazy” character; linguist, poet, cross-dresser, cowboy—and legend of the Big Sur hills. But Jaime de Angulo is so “local” that he’s not much mentioned outside of the Monterey Bay area. So it’s heartening to see a review of his work by another fascinating poet, Allen Bramhall. But this is just one of a number of wonderful engagements with poetry that you’ll find in Galatea Resurrects.