Black Friday Found Facebook poem

They trained this dog to sleep in front of the door
The reason gave me chills

Hidden camera shows a burglar in the yard. When
the dog shows up, it’s funny

She grabs a knife and slices this away
What’s left had me in awe

She was filmed one second a day for a year
And it’s haunting

This guy was experiencing ear pain. When I saw
the issue, I was mortified

When you see what happens to this pregnant lady
at the beach, your jaw will drop

My baby reached for my dog’s mouth and I
was terrified! Suddenly THIS happened!

She collapses after every single race. When
I learned the truth, it broke me

They’re trapped in an elevator together. What
she does? I’m speechless

A dog traps a cat between its paws. Then
things left me in disbelief

You see fish in a bowl, but when
he pours in this, I’m speechless


It has occurred to me that the memes used to attract social networking readers to click on links have, with a little tweaking, a poetic form. First line refers to an event using 10 to 14 syllables, and ends with a comma, period, or exclamation mark. The second clause contains 6 to 8 syllables, and refers to the writer’s response. The syllable count can also be reversed. A couple off-the-wall examples:

Her black son walked through the park with a toy gun.
Suddenly THIS happened!

A carp is trapped under a levitating dog. What
happens next causes both horror and awe!

A series of cat videos appear in the sidebar;
When I start clicking buttons, I feel like property