DIY Cold-brewed Coffee

Inspired by the cold goodness of Kyoto Shots at Vertigo Coffee Roaster in San Juan Bautista, Michael recently made a pot of cold-brewed coffee. For some reason, it seems to be kinder to the stomach than hot coffee. But cold-brewed has its own special, intense flavor. Vertigo uses a fancy, slooooow-drip contraption, shown HERE in a photo taken by Susieee! Mac from Take 25 to Hollister. Michael started out with 1 1/2 cups coffee beans (ground), and added to that 3 1/2 cups of our well water, then let that sit overnight. In the morning, he took out the refrigerated pitcher of grounds and water and started the DIY version of the slow-drip process, using a filter and hand-held strainer over a glass bowl.

1. Cold grounds and water in a pitcher. ColdBrewed1_JVengua

2. Medium sized metal strainer + paper filter. ColdBrewed2_JVengua

3. Pour it out carefully into the filter/strainer, making sure the grounds don’t plop out. ColdBrewed3_JVengua

4. Let it drip out slowly, until all the liquid is in the bowl. ColdBrewed4_JJVengua

5. Like I said: sloooowwwly. But it shouldn’t take more than about 5 min. ColdBrewed5_JVengua

6. All that’s left in the pitcher are grounds. ColdBrewed6

7. You are left with cold, intensely flavored coffee. Pour it back into the pitcher, and then pour your shot into a small cup with ice. Great on a warm, summer day. ColdBrewed7_JVengua

If you don’t want to do it yourself, head over to Vertigo Coffee in San Juan Bautista and ask for an icy Kyoto Shot. Then take a look at their beautiful, glass and wood, cold-brew coffee drip towers.