Jackfruit-sherry Muffins and Farscape


At this very moment, I am eating jackfruit-sherry muffins, made for me by my dear friend, M. Yumm! The jackfruit was purchased a few days ago, but they keep very well in the refrigerator, and make great snacks while watching Farscape. Remember that series? Speaking of which, in last night’s episode, “A Dog With Two Bones,” I noticed a plump and spikey jackfruit sitting on a tray in the kitchen of spaceship Moya. No doubt, it was brought in for its “exotic” (alien) looks. But the fruit is easy enough to find at local Asian markets [hint: Thursday is Jackfruit Day at the Filipino-Indian Market on Del Monte Blvd. in Marina], or even Whole Foods. Farscape was filmed in Australia, so jackfruit is actually more familiar to that area than it is to the U.S.