Descendants of Chinese Railroad Workers Recreate Historical Photograph

Yesterday, I participated in a focus group discussion about Salinas Chinatown and possible future exhibit projects. It was an interesting and animated talk, and the topic of Chinese railroad workers came up–as it inevitably does; the Southern Pacific railroad tracks, laid by Chinese railroad workers, form a clear boundary between Main St. Salinas and the Chinatown neighborhood.

I found this article posted by Hilton Obenzinger, and thought I’d share it. Remember the historic photograph of the two trains coming together in Promontory Utah, when the two tracks–east and west–met? Where are the Chinese railroad workers that labored to build those tracks? This Saturday, May 10th, their descendants are going to celebrate the 145th anniversary by recreating the photograph, only this time with the descendants of the Chinese railroad workers in the picture. Read more in the article, from AsAm News.