Sky Diver, Dida Kutz

My friend, Dida Kutz runs Blue Planet Divers, and is the editor of Point Lobos Magazine. She is an experienced research diver; but I recently learned she has also done a free fall dive from an airplane with a buddy. Here’s a great video of her falling into the sky over Hollister:

Dida is also going to attempt to summit Mount Shasta in June to raise funds for the American Liver Foundation. Find out more about that HERE.

She writes: “Every step I take up Mt. Shasta on June 15 (beginning around 1 am!) and every dollar I raise will make a difference in the lives of the 30 million Americans living with liver disease. By making a donation on my behalf, you will be helping the Foundation provide community-based education and prevention programs, protect the rights of people with liver disease, and fund critical research for a cure.”