On Decreasing Online Presence

Copy of Okir-Analog_4-06-2013_JVengua

I am slowly trying to decrease my extraneous online presences. Since I’ve been doing stuff online since the late 1990s (I wrote my first blog completely in html), I’ve hopped onto a lot of Net bandwagons without disengaging myself later. Now I just want to reduce it to just several sites where I would have to put more time and thought into any one post (thereby creating a bit more cognitive space for myself, as well as real time)–as opposed to, say, responding shallowly to the baits and appeals for attention by online aggregators, and well–just, everybody. Don’t get me wrong; there are people out there that I want to continue interacting with (online, as well as face-to-face), but if they are worthwhile, then they are worth communicating to with a bit more thoughtfulness on a platform that isn’t plagued with distractions. Also, it has come to my attention that the time I spend on shallow internet interaction* is time spent feeding the machine, and getting pretty much nothing in return–not just money, but nothing in terms of useful or interesting interaction.

Anyway, I can see that this paring down process is going to take some time and thought. So be it.

*Not that I feel I always have to post “deep” stuff; sometimes I want to post briefly, too. But I think that social networking as it is nowadays tends to promote knee-jerk reactions and thoughtless “Likes,” simply as a way to keep us glued to the site (to produce more information about ourselves that could be manipulated by advertisers).