Paper, pen, and a broken camera

Some thoughts about drawing. First, my cute little pink Sony Cybershot digital camera is broken, and looks like it’s not fixable. I’ve gotten so used to the whole upload-the-digital-media routine when blogging or posting on Facebook etc., that I hardly give it a thought. I think I’m a pretty decent photographer too, at least for online purposes, so I kind of miss that tool. But then, today, I was thinking, “I’m an analog artist too — why photograph, when I can draw?” Why not, at least, for awhile, just try illustrating my blog posts, instead of uploading photographs? So maybe I’ll do that. Maybe starting with the next post.

Third, I just bought a packet of Khadi papers from India. They’re a bit too expensive for the type of doodling/sketching I’m thinking of doing for the blog — but drawing on good paper, even a decent sketch paper: that’s a pleasure. I’ll say it again — drawing on good paper is an effing, beautiful, sensory pleasure. So why not incorporate that into LocalNomad? I’ll give it a try…

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