Monterey Bay Area Bloggers: Beacon (Oceana)

Hidden world of the Pacific Seafloor. Alexandra Cousteau shows us what’s in our bay in her Beacon blog.

We look to a future in which dolphin sightings are common along any temperate coast; in which mighty marlins, sharks and tuna are abundant once again; in which whales and sea turtles thrive, cod are plentiful on both sides of the Atlantic, local fishing cultures thrive rather than decline and in which fish are a safe, growing and plentiful source of food around the world.

Here’s a blog I haven’t seen before: Oceana, “the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation” has regional blogs under an umbrella site titled “Beacon.” Naturally, Monterey Bay, an important site for Ocean research, seems to have several blogs. Here’s Ashley Blacow’s blog.

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