Monterey Bay Area Bloggers: Athena Plichta

I’ve been blogging since about 2001. Lately, I’ve been a little disgusted with Facebook and other social networking sites, and starting to appreciate, once again, the more flexible, personal, and (potentially) less distracting medium of blogging; you can make your blog as calm or as noisy as you want.

After checking out Chris Parson’s blog, I started wondering about all the other local bloggers around here. I know of a few, and have even met a few. But I know there are more. So I think I’ll do a little series here on local bloggers. And since I’m a research geek, I’ll see what more I can find of interest in the local blogging scene.

I met Athena Plichta last year, and had a chance to taste some of the food she photographs — yum. But take a look yourself at her “journal of kitchen adventures and life in california” HERE.

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