Avian lessons


One thing I’ve learned about birds from living in Elkhorn: they are tough and feisty creatures; even the small ones can be quite aggressive. They are also very social and have networks of family and acquaintances; they help each other out, warning when danger is near, and banding together to drive marauders away (crows have especially complex little societies). They are all very communicative, and have specialized skills; flycatchers are fast and flexible in order to catch insects mid-flight; jays are stealthy; hawks have incredible eyesight; the blue herons seem slow and meditative, but they are fantastic hunters. I have more respect for them all after living here. And since I live in a somewhat isolated (kind of) rural area, I’m reminded of how important community is to survival and one’s emotional health. You’ve got to tough it out, but you’ve also got to reach out.

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