Fledgling’s Progress

A couple days after my most recent post (“Hatchling’s progress”), I took another photo:
They definitely had more feathers, but looked mostly like sleepy balls of brown fuzz here. As always, they have been quite silent. I expected them to be cheeping up a storm by now.

Just today, I took another photo:
Whoa! Eyes open! They’ve definitely got wing feathers now, although probably not fully fledged yet. But getting there. And it’s getting pretty crowded! I’m hoping that one or more of them isn’t going to get pushed out before they are ready to fly. I expect it’s a common occurance. I hear that when that happens, it’s best to keep hands off. No, not because of the human smell on the bird, but because the parent birds will often feed the one that fell out of the nest where it landed. Besides, if one falls out, I doubt there would be room for it up there. As always, they remain quiet.

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