Spring has sprung

It’s a busy season for the birds around here. Lots of nest-building. Two Pacific Slope Flycatchers (I think of them as Fiona and Fritz) have built a little nest on top of our back porch light. Only one of them sits on the nest (or maybe they take turns). We’ve been tip-toeing around them, because the moment the “sitter” makes eye-contact, it freaks. It flits off to the pine tree on the other side of the yard, and doesn’t return until we leave.

Looking up from human eye-level, the nest looks a bit scruffy, wedged up between the light and the porch wall. M., who is taller than me, reported that the insides of the nest were lined with soft, downy stuff.

A few days later, when Fiona and Fritz were off somewhere else, I held my camera up high and pointed it down; I saw something.

Yes, they have little yellow-beaked hatchlings now! I counted four, although you can only see three here. And from this view, the nest looks kind of pretty.

I’m always kind of touched by the care that birds put into making their nests, especially in the way that they carefully line the interior (while the exterior may look messy). I wonder if humans got the idea for weaving bowls from birds’ nests?

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