Livingroom Revolution

I’ve joined a local Sharing Economy group, and will be posting more often on local events that promote sharing and giving (see also my recent posts on Crop Mobster).


Author Cecile Andrews will be having a book talk at Bookshop Santa Cruz, Wed., April 17, at 7 pm. 1520 Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz.

“From President Obama’s re-election to things like and Meetups, we’re seeing a transformation in how our society gets things to change,” Cecile says. “The old ways don’t work any more. They’re costing us too much, not just in dollars but in our future, our children’s future, and the survivability of the planet.”

What needs to happen? “It all starts with local,” Cecile says. “And local starts with small groups, meeting in places like people’s living rooms, cafes, meeting rooms and auditoriums.

“That’s why I wrote Living Room Revolution,” she said. “I see, speak to and talk with lots of groups who really want to have an impact, want to see change. But they don’t necessarily know how to take their energy, vision and commitment to the next level.

“Living Room Revolution is all about helping them move forward. It’s meant to be a step-by-step guide for creating and leading the most powerful force our society has ever known — the small group of committed people.” (– excerpted from Cecile Andrews’ website).

Come listen to the talk, buy her book, and meet some special guests–other community leaders in the local sharing movement to network with! Make sure also to bring a notebook or your smartphone to take notes about some of her great local ideas that aren’t in the book.

More information can be found on the Bookshop Santa Cruz Website.