“Flash mob solution to crop surplus”

Gary Papadopolous, a farmer in Sonoma, has come up with an interesting way to prevent food waste in our communities and to distribute crop surplus to Californians who really need it: Cropmobster.com. Read the article HERE.

Because farm produce is perishable, farmers need to get the word out fast when there is a crop surplus. Cropmobster helps organize crop mobs (distribution events for freebies and discount sales) and gleaning events quickly.

Besides helping residents and farmers, Cropmobster can work with food service agencies: “CropMobster seeks to provide information on a variety of opportunities posted by producers intended to reach citizens as well as non-profit organizations doing noble work in the food system and community. When a producer posts an opportunity, alerts are automatically sent to subscribers who can then act on the opportunity and “go the whole hog.” Each producer posting an opportunity to CropMobster will be asked to be as specific as possible, including how to “accept” or say “We’re In!” to the opportunity!”

Right now, Cropmobster seems to be functioning primarily in the Sonoma area. Nevertheless, I’m signing up for alerts, and hoping that word-of-mouth and a little networking will bring this to Monterey County and Salinas and Pajaro Valleys. While non-profit emergency food assistance organizations like the Food Bank do a great job of making sure that surplus food gets to people whose incomes meet specifications (EFAP monthly maximum income), Cropmobster seems to have few restrictions, but would be a good adjunct to that process.

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