You are Invited to a Charrette – National Steinbeck Center, Salinas

You are invited to a Charrette at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas
Charrette: Collaborative session in which a group drafts a solution to a design problem. While the structure of a charrette varies, depending on the design problem and the individuals in the group, charrettes often take place in multiple sessions in which the group divides into sub-groups. Each sub-group then presents its work to the full group as material for future dialogue. Such charrettes serve as a way of quickly generating a design solution while integrating the aptitudes and interests of a diverse group of people.

Collaborate on a Vision for the Pacific Gardens! At the National Steinbeck Center (NSC) 10 am Saturday, March 30, 2013, 1 S. Main Street, Salinas. The new Pacific Gardens at the National Steinbeck Center will highlight the legacy of Salinas’ Asian communities through oral histories presented in a space inspired by Asian landscape architecture. This charrette, a design exercise led by designer Tomas Ancona of Ancona & Associates, will incorporate community feedback into the design for the Pacific Gardens. This is really a good time for everyone who wants say on the Pacific Gardens design/exhibition to attend. Food and drinks for everyone. Please join us!