Invisible People

I feel lucky to have a place to live, food to eat, and people who care about me. But it isn’t always easy. And I know that in this economy, one’s destiny can turn on a dime. It may seem that all these homeless people are living the way they do because they’re “different,” asocial, addicts, or mentally deranged. But, if you look at the videos on Horvath’s website, you realize that all it takes is a bad economy, a negative environment, or a personal crisis to get the ball rolling downhill. Many of these people are “us.”

I posted this last year, and Horvath’s website, Invisible People, is still going strong: was started by Mark Horvath, a man who had a career in television syndication, but found himself struggling with addiction and homelessness. He set off on a road trip with a camera and a mission to “empower homeless people to tell their stories, ” making America’s invisible people visible. Here is the initial trailer for his project, but do click on the link above to see the current project and videos, and some very moving stories.