No Thanks

WordPress’ Daily Post: No Thanks

The prompt brings up a host of images from my past, from a congested highway in Manila, to an old wharf on the banks of the muddy Mississippi, just a few miles from Mark Twain’s hometown. Some places were sublime (approaching storm in Yosemite near Sentinal Dome before the tourists arrived in April), some not so much (stuck on the L.A. freeway without a place to pee);other places were fascinating (the Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas), some were overwhelming (Las Vegas casinos; being caught in a snowstorm obliterating all sight of the road in nowhere, Nevada); some exciting (first visit to NYC, walking out of Grand Central Station, into the bustling garment district); and some were long, lonely, and weird (Area 51, Basin and Range area of Nevada).

Gated communities have always been a big turn-off to me, their trim green lawns and proper facades feel like exclusive prisons. I must say, however, that such neighborhoods hold a certain [David] Lynchian fascination. And I wouldn’t necessarily say “no thanks” to a visit. The same applies to inner city blighted areas, although I might apply the power lock on my car, just to feel safe. Curiosity usually gets the best of me, and I like to be spatially unsettled from time to time. So in answer to the prompt: thanks, maybe I will. Split the gas?