Diving in the Angel’s Eye

On occasion, I like to highlight local author’s books. Today I’m featuring a book of poetry, Diving in the Angel’s Eye, by a writer who lives just south of Monterey: Joselyn Torres Ignacio, with photographs by Robert L. Kleinberg. .

Ignacio’s book explores human relationships and our many-layered experiences through a range of human emotions and language; as she notes, “Writing poetry is painting music and image from a palette of words — a pentimento on parchment.”

On Poetical Propaganda

In the black, black, ink
there are galaxies
poured forth on
paper like
spilt marbles
the eye of day
water serpent
cactus paw
Breath is given to
a rock
a stone
a dead fish eye
There are splinters
in the right slogan
in the right couplet
how cutting
how sharp
A splendid tapestry
woven from strands of
as the truth gets hidden
under the
very finest web

—- Joselyn Torres Ignacio

You can purchase both the print and Kindle version of Diving in the Angel’s Eye on Amazon.com:

In print:

In Kindle:

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