Walgreens Fined $16M

This is local news because the judgement against Walgreens also involves stores in Marina and Seaside. According to the Salinas Californian, the lawsuit was “led by district attorneys in the counties of Monterey, Alameda, San Joaquin, Solano, Riverside, and the city attorney of Los Angeles. It claimed that more than 600 of the company’s stores across California unlawfully handled and disposed various medical and hazardous wastes such as pesticides, bleach, paint, aerosols and solvents. The settlement also resolved allegations of unlawful disposal of customer records which contained confidential medical information.” Yikes. That’s where I pick up my prescriptions. Read more about it HERE.

An article in the East Bay Express adds a bit more detail, explaining that “the company was routinely and systematically sending hazardous wastes — also including automotive products and solvents, pharmaceutical wastes, and other toxic, ignitable, and corrosive materials — straight to local landfills instead of to hazardous-waste facilities, [where] they can be properly contained and prevented from leaching into the environment. The dumpster inspections found that 34 out of 37 Walgreens statewide were in violation of state law.”