Squid Row muse

So, a couple weeks ago, for my birthday, I was treated to a day/evening at APECon, the Alternative Press Expo. Lots to look at, people to meet, comix and books to read (plus a nice coffee/tea break at nearby Philz); and I hope to have money to actually buy some of these gorgeous books, someday. While there, we met Brigett Spicer (oops, I mean, uh, “Randie”) the artist and creative force behind Squid Row. Had a very nice chat with her, talking about the local subjects that inspire her, and about people, things, and institutions in the area that deserve being made fun of.

I wanted to take a photo of her, but couldn’t find my camera, so, she let me use her phone:

Bridgett Spicer with her friend, Harold.

Looking forward to a studio visit in Salinas some 1st Friday soon, and in the meantime, will keep an eye on the latest news from Squid Row.

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