Untie the Knot

I’m over at Capitola Book Cafe, drinking a latte, and eating flourless chocolate cake. Yum.

Speaking of books, local author and teacher, Patrice Vecchione has an announcement about her new book:

Friends, Family, Students, Poetry Lovers, Readers and Writers, Supporters of the Arts:

My new book of poems is forthcoming next spring!

The publishing world has become an extremely difficult one,

based most significantly on the bottom line.

Rather than enter that fray, I’d like The Knot Untied to be published

by the community of people who want to read it.

So I’m joining the world of crowd source funding.

This project is a first venture in what I’m calling

Community Publishing.

Purchase your copy of the book in advance, or give one as a gift,

and support its publication.

Poetry can shorten the divide between people—

by showing us how connected we are to each other.

Read more, and see how you can help at: The Knot Untied

What “critics” are saying:

“The Knot Untied is a delightful, uplifting book of poems for all readers. Patrice’s work filled my mind with wonderment, with understanding and with longing to see the world as she does.”

– Casey Coonerty Protti, owner of Bookshop Santa Cruz

“A collection of compelling poems which transcend the reader into every journey awaiting on each page. Reading these poems is like watching little black and white movies.”

– Theresa Masciovecchio, bookkeeper and Nigel Francis, butcher

“These poems are so clean stylistically, so accessible, and yet, so glimmeringly insightful and true. They’re welcoming, which in my opinion is rare in poetry these days.”

– George Lober, author of A Bridge to There

The response so far has been dazzling! I’d be honored if you’d care to be a part of this…