WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

My photos for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge (“Urban”) present two different eras and perspectives on San Francisco urban life, and the focus is on dress. The first two, in black and white, were taken during the late 1980s, during a period of economic “plenty.” The second two were taken last week, in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, during the current recession:

“High Finance,” San Francisco, lunch hour, late 1980s (talk about “stuffy!”)

“Fur Coat”; a woman waits for the parking lot attendant to bring her car around. San Francisco, late 1980s.

Sneakers on Haight St. 2012

“Nice Cuts,” casually well-dressed men on Haight St. (more sneakers, and one guy is wearing loafers and fashionably sockless!), 2012

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