Santa Cruz Homeless Garden Project – CSA

My friend, Joan, invited me to go with her to pick up her CSA items at the Santa Cruz Homeless Garden Project, on the west side of Santa Cruz. This was my old neighborhood, and I was interested in checking out the area near Natural Bridges State Park, and the lagoon, around which I used to walk with my dog, Gracie. The Delaware Addition housing project–“the answer to commuters’ prayers”–still hasn’t flown (yet), apparently due to economic issues. But, as someone who biked through the field as a kid, walked her dog through the field countless times, and watched the streams and tules get plowed over (more than once), and the sink-holes develop, I wondered if it would ever really be a viable place on which to build.

Ah, but the Homeless Garden Project is looking good. So I took a few photos for Local Nomad:

While waiting for Joan to arrive, the first person I met was Denise Arasin, of Duck Lover’s Adoptions. Denise had been working on the Garden project for many years, but–with her training in the veterinary field, she is especially fond of caring for waterfowl, and finding them good homes.

Denise Arasin. Duck Lovers Adoptions “provide[s] educational materials and programs for proper care, housing and feeding as well as adoption services for ducks and geese that are abandoned, endangered or just in need of a new home due to circumstances beyond their control.”

Jade and friend

Joan showed up, and received her CSA list, showing her what flowers, vegetables, and fruit she could pick.

Joan went off to pick flowers.

I wandered around the gardens (it was a beautiful day), taking photographs…

One of the gardeners suggested I try a few berries, although it is still early in the season. Still a bit tart!

I headed towards the “Back-40,” which appears to be a combined resting / eating / work area, with tables for picnics.

The CSA blackboard

Vases of flowers–and in this case, a teapot containing a chrysanthemum–grace the picnic tables.

I peered into a shed, and found a little work area, with baskets full of lavender and other flowers.

I stuck my camera under the leafy foliage of some zucchini plants, and photographed a yellow blossom.

James checks on an irrigation hose.

The lavender blooming at the Homeless Garden Project is glorious right now (click on the photo), and the scent is amazing; drop by and visit!

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