7-Step Write a Book Fast [in 3 days] Program

Write a book in 3 days? Leo Babauta (author of Zen Habits — wait; this is the Zen guy who tells you to “smile, breathe, and go slowly”?) says you can do it. And he lists 7 steps that will get you to finish that book, or that piece of writing, fast. I’m thinking that this kind of program is good for getting the initial framework down, quickly, but not necessarily as a “finished” product; you’ll have to do a lot of revision afterwards. Still, for many people, it’s that initial mass of writing that’s daunting, and that puts one off from ever getting started. So if you can get over that hump, you’re more than halfway there.

Here, briefly, are the steps, but if you’re interested, you’ll definitely want to go to the website to see what Babauta says about them, HERE.

1. Create a time limit
2. Make a public challenge (that’s the key)
3. Get your pre-writing done beforehand
4. Find a distraction-free zone
5. Get some inspiration
6. Work in bursts
7. Report your success

Have you ever set yourself a short time limit for a fairly lengthy piece of writing? Did you meet your goal?

See also:

* The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination, by Leo Babauta.
* Free copy of Babauta’s book, Focus, is available for download HERE. You can get the premium version with audio and video on the Zen Habits website, HERE