Monterey is Bagging It (and banning plastic bags)

It was a beautiful day to hold “Monterey is Bagging It,” an event held in front of Monterey’s City Hall to celebrate Monterey’s ban on the use of plastic bags. Congratulations also to Watsonville and Carmel-by-the Sea! My friend, Jane, an advocate for the environment, told me about the event.

Jane Varron (left) of Native Leaf, with Marie Butcher (right) who organized the event.

Maris the sea turtle was representing for endangered leatherback sea turtles. She was also a friendly greeter for folks who came to check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium stand.

The plastic bag guy helped educate the public about why banning plastic bags is a good thing. It must’ve been uncomfortable under all those plastic bags, though!

Noah of Bike Valet

These free recycled bags were given out to the public.

There were lots of other bags on hand, too; these are from Native Leaf.

Jane of Native Leaf, and Mohamed of Argan 4 You with Mayor Della Sala.

Mayor Della Sala talks about how the the plastic bag ordinance was passed.