Daily Painting

I’ve been trying to get myself to the point of producing a painting a day for some time, with little success — until recently. When I was younger, I painted–often non-figurative, abstract expressionist stuff–on large canvasses. Then I stopped–for a long time. I recently started painting again, after decades of not lifting a brush. I joined Blue Canvas for inspiration. And occasionally I go to Dr. Sketchy’s for some really fun, burlesque life-drawing (locally at the Alternative Cafe in Seaside).

And in painting, I’ve gone in the the other direction: all figurative, and the size is tiny. Tiny is good — I started out a bit stiffly, wanting to get every detail just right; but the small size format is forcing me to loosen up.

Also, after the long hiatus, my painting style is all over the place, as I get my bearings and find out who I am as a painter, today. Some of the paintings are fairly detailed, and others more impressionistic. Here’s one I did last night:

This is a painting of one of the old oaks on the property in Elkhorn where I live. It’s 4×5 inches, on a canvas panel. I will be putting some of my paintings up on Etsy, for sale, shortly. Update: my Etsy Shop, PaintersDiary, is up now.