Cupcake Boom

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a cupcake boom around here. Cupcake shops are popping up everywhere, with Salinas as cupcake central. There’s Hollywood’s cupcakes and Fluff Cupcakery, and A Piece of Cake mobile cupcakery in Salinas, Ms. Delish’s in Monterey, and Buttercup Cakes in Santa Cruz. A friend and I visited Buttercup Cakes recently, and here are some pictures:

We just saw it in passing, and thought we’d stop in.

I didn’t want a large cupcake–just looking at all that frosting made my teeth hurt–but it’s really hard to pass up the teeny ones! So we both had a blood orange and apple cider cupcake, each topped with a slice of kumquat—definitely an unusual taste treat that I’ve never had before in a cupcake. Yum.

The clerk was very friendly and helpful. These new cupcake “boutiques” appeal to nostalgia, but they’re perked up with new taste sensations. Unfortunately, the word “cupcake couture” has entered the lexicon, dressing up cute and tiny, and making it haute. But who knows how long the “cupcake boom” will last? One writer for Slate, Daniel Gross, gave a dire warning in 2009 that the cupcake boom was due for a crash. Hmm. Well, it doesn’t seem to be happening yet.