Four lane expressway between Castroville & Prunedale

Sunday Traffic on 156. Photo by LolaKo.

Do we need a 4-lane expressway between Castroville and Prunedale costing $104.5 million? The Monterey County Herald thinks so. Check out the report, “4-lane expressway is badly needed.” The increased traffic to and from Hwy 101 would also require “reconstruction and expansion” of the San Miguel Canyon overpass and 101/156 interchange, to the tune of $150 mil.

I’m thinking about the pollution and noise from increased expressway traffic (not just cars, but large trucks too) in an area that already receives a lot of dust and chemicals from nearby agricultural fields. On the other hand, pollution is also caused by the often backed-up traffic on Hwy. 156, and locals are affected by that traffic even if they are just driving between the grocery store and home. Seems like we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. What do you think?

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