Get fit, period.

After learning that I’ve got high blood pressure, and coming down with Bell’s palsy this year, I realized (duh!) I have to get fit, period. I’m inspired by people like Lloyd Kahn, and my son, who — after a successful career as a couch potato — has started running and doing yoga regularly, and is feeling and looking much better.

I have a “standing” desk (an adjusted Ikea “Jerker” desk), a “manual” treadmill (doesn’t use electricity) and some free weights in the house, so that should help. Also, the “minimal” running shoes I bought a year ago are still working great, and I live in a beautiful, rural, hilly area, so — I don’t have any excuses!

Anyway, after running around my house in circles this morning (it has this circular layout…), I walked down a street named “Walker,” and then back up the hill. On the way, I passed “the cowboy,” who regularly exercises his horse and muscular chihuahua on weekends. More inspiration: that is one healthy looking chihuahua!

I rewarded myself with a lovely latte at Vertigo Coffee in San Juan Bautista: