Close the door

So yesterday, M. and I went to Lola’s Kusina in Marina to get some Filipino food. It was our meat day, and I was ready to have some dinaguan and adobo, and even (gasp) white rice! I was even contemplating some lechon and ginataan. But, damn, it was a cold day in Marina, and Lola’s had both the front and back doors open, so that a chilly breeze swept through the whole place. What’s up with that, huh? It was freezing, so we both decided to leave, and ended up at Sarita’s (in Marina) where it was warm and friendly; we stuffed ourselves to the gills on chile relleno tamales (cheese and pork stuff tamale slathered with a creamy sauce and chopped green chiles) and spicy chile colorado…so good.

* Lola’s Kusina
* Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant