Supporting Local Businesses: Succulent Gardens – the Growing Grounds

A reprise from 2011, with updated links:

The Succulent Gardens: The Growing Grounds, is located on Elkhorn Rd., just around the corner from where I live. After moving their business from Carmel to Elkhorn, the collection of succulents surrounding their buildings has been growing and beautifying the neighborhood. Upon watching the youtube video of Robin giving a tour of the gardens, I realized that the owners of the Succulent Gardens are really artists, and that the succulents comprise their palette of organic colors and shapes:

I took a few photographs as I walked around, and became fascinated with the variety of sculptural shapes and colors that you can find in these wonderful plants:

An arrangement near one of the entryways into the gardens.

A palette of smaller sized plants.

A vertical “painting” with succulents as the living medium. Read more about these “living murals” and vertical gardening HERE.

The Succulent Gardens also offers vases, patio decorations, wreath forms and frames, so you can make your own succulent creations.

Succulents are also beautiful works of art all by themselves.

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