The Independent (marketplace) – Sand City

(photo: M.A. Fink)

As I mentioned previously, my first foray out into public since having Bell’s Palsy was at The Independent market in Sand City. I started out trying to wear the eyepatch (which I needed to protect my unblinking left eye), but gave up after a few minutes, because it’s difficult for me to see clearly with it on.

Never mind; the friendly and busy vibe inside the marketplace carried me off from one vendor’s table/stall to another, and I enjoyed myself. M.A. Fink took most of the photos you see in this little photo essay:

View from the inside; there was a crowd outside too, and we discovered that all the meat product vendors and food trucks were parked outside the building. (photo: M.A. Fink)

The veggie valet was there to help you carry away your goods. (photo: M.A. Fink)

I’ve written about Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut before, along with Garden Variety (Monkeyflower Ranch) cheese (which was also represented at the Independent). This company changed my perspective on what sauerkraut could be! (photo: M.A. Fink)

The cupcakes by Pastries and Petals (on Mission Ave. in Carmel) looked really good. (photo: M.A. Fink)

Sorry, we didn’t get the name of the band. (photo: M.A. Fink)

There was a band outside, too. (photo: M.A. Fink)

The Henry Miller Library table. (photo: M.A. Fink)

Edible Monterey Bay was there, giving out the latest issue of their magazine.(photo: M.A. Fink)

Even the La Leche League showed up. (photo: M.A. Fink)

The Independent bookstore (photo: Jean Vengua)

Lots of great looking produce — these are from Serendipity Farms (photo: Jean Vengua).

Fringe outerwear by Carrie McWithey — lovely knitted hats and scarves and things… (photo: Jean Vengua)

(photo: M.A. Fink)

It was fun attending The Independent, and, as I mentioned, I practically forgot about my ailment (which, as of this writing, has improved greatly). I’ll be back again, definitely without the eye patch.

The Independent Market is open on the first Thursday of every month, from 4pm–9pm, at 600 Ortiz Ave., Sand City. Call 831-394-6000 for more information.

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