Fall 2014 Issue

Note: See LN Info & Submission for the Spring 2015 Theme: Killing Ground

Fall 2014: MIGRATION
Migrations forced or voluntary; swept up by the tide, sparked by desire, fear, tradition, labor, or exploration; earthly and/or otherworldly routes, walkabouts, or interior migrations; arrivals and departures, beginnings and ends, traces left along the way; lines connecting, disconnecting, or broken; lines drawn that you do, or do not cross.


In this issue:
Tom Beckett / Michael Caylo-Baradi / Jack Crimmins / M.A. Fink / Peggy Heinrich / Matt Hill
Márton Koppány / Sheila E. Murphy / Barbara Jane Reyes / Margaret Rhee / Eileen R. Tabios
Maria Garcia Teutsch / Mark Young / J. Zimmerman

poetry + art + media + prose