Fall 2014 Issue


Migrations forced or voluntary; swept up by the tide, sparked by desire, fear, tradition, labor, or exploration; earthly and/or otherworldly routes, walkabouts, or interior migrations; arrivals and departures, beginnings and ends, traces left along the way; lines connecting, disconnecting, or broken; lines drawn that you do, or do not cross.

In this issue: Tom Beckett, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Jack Crimmins, M. A. Fink, Peggy Heinrich, Márton Koppány,
Sheila E. Murphy, Barbara Jane Reyes, Margaret Rhee, Eileen R. Tabios, Maria Garcia Teutsch, Mark Young, and
J. Zimmerman.

Copy of DSC06003

“…It seemed to me as I stood there before the glass case, grubby and jetlagged, that human beings when they became upright aspired to two conditions: becoming birds or becoming trees, wanderers or settlers, oscillating between their roots and their wings, exiled whichever way they turned.” — A Book of Migrations, Rebecca Solnit

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